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Friendicoes SECA

Last Updated: Feb 2005

Fiendicoes SECA logoFriendicoes SECA rescued 12,000 animals in 2003. They are only a small organisation based in Delhi, India, but with big ambitions and even bigger hearts. I can honestly say, that I've never met a group of people more committed to animal welfare.

Friendicoes is one of those tireless organisations that works out of the spotlight, but who makes a difference to thousands of animal lives. They have two hospitals; a city shelter and a rural sanctuary, 5 mobile ambulances/mobile clinics and a trained staff of 11 vets/paravets. Their city shelter, based in the centre of Delhi, is the only hospital open to all sick, injured and maimed animals free of cost. At any time 195 animals can be admitted to the shelter, many of them left abandoned nearby.

Zero tolerance on the streets of Delhi

The compassion shown to the animals at the shelter reflects the bigger ambition of Friendicoes. They wish to change people's attitudes towards taking responsibility for animals. They are constantly battling to educate an increasingly commercial and hectic capital on the importance of showing compassion to animals and erasing many old superstitions, such as those surrounding cats. Their task couldn't be harder given the increasing globalization of India.

Recently Friendicoes opened an animal sanctuary at Gurgeon in the countryside outside of Delhi with support from the UK based Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Volunteers at Friendicoes work with its 600 inhabitants to give them a loving home, often until a better one is found. Friendicoes also works with the Brooke Hospital for Animals (BHA):

"Friendicoes SECA has been running a mobile clinic for equines since 1989 but it was through the immense generosity and experience of the Brooke Hospital for Animals UK that a collaborative venture was launched in 1999."

The two mobile clinics we currently run have an experienced staff of Vets, Paravets and Farriers, who render free medical aid on site to over 3200 horses, donkeys, and mules at brick kilns, stone quarries, and at tonga stands.

"Education of the owner in the maintenance of his animal is an important part of this project; the supply of subsidized saddlery, harness, hobbles, hoof picks and rugs; the provision of shade shelters (12) and water troughs (16) all contribute to improving the condition of these animals whose life is unrelenting drudgery and overwork. The entire funding comes to Friendicoes through the Brooke Hospital for Animals."

Friendicoes SECA Website

When I was planning my ride to Beijing, Friendicoes did a lot in providing equine advice and support for my documentary. They do work closely with Brooke on everything equine, but they do so much more for all the animals of Delhi and the surrounding areas. They receive much less funding than the Brooke and are amazing in their own right. Please click here to visit their website.

P.S. Remember how I said Friendicoes was small? They were first on the scene down in Tamil Nadu helping rescue starving and badly injured animals from the December 2004 Tsunami that devasted Asia and destroyed untold lives.

Friendicoes SECA Website
More info on a small organisation with a big heart

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