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Articles, news and facts that explain the black and white reality of Education for All around the world, its affect on poverty and in-depth case studies of education in India, Pakistan and China.

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School Encounters

If life is an open book, the people we meet are the stories that fill it. Real life stories from the road, prove the intense devotion of those who care in the battle to educate the poor and their eternal need for support from us. Read on.

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Out of the Spotlight

Every day millions of organisations toil out of the spotlight amongst the poor and impoverished to add value to their lives and increase their lot in life. Throughout this ride, I've seen the work of some and heard about the work of many more and here are just a few of the ones that I can personally recommend.

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ActionAid International

Working in 40 countries worldwide since 1972; dedicated to the upliftment of the poor through better rights and education, this section gives a greater look at ActionAid Interational and it's work programmes in South Asia and China.

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