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Top Ten Facts - India

There are more illiterates in India than any other country in the world. The challenges ahead are large. Here’s how they stand.

  1. There are 268 million illiterate people in India, unable to read, write or make a reasoned decision and almost a third of the world’s total number. (2007)
  2. India spends only 3.3 percent of its GDP on education, compared to an average 5.8 percent in developed countries. (2007)
  3. In many states of India, 95 percent of all education budgets pay teachers salaries, with less than 1 percent in some cases for schools and materials.
  4. A girl’s education is an abruptly ended hope for millions of girls as only 1 in 4 remain in school long enough to complete Class 10.
  5. Women receive on average only 1.8 years of schooling in India.
  6. Of the 32 million children that began school in 2004, less than half will complete a compulsory 8 years of education.
  7. Across India, there are 13 million working children, many of whose lives were scripted the moment they were born.
  8. Disorder, lack of discipline and poor conditions mean that 1 in 4 teachers never turn up to class.
  9. Average class sizes are up to 40 students nationwide and up to 83 in the Indian state of Bihar (North India).
  10. In 75 percent of schools there is only one teacher for several classes.
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