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Top Ten Facts - China

As China attempts to bring the economic success of its recent reforms to the masses, results are mixed as the country’s income divide continues to widen.

  1. By 2004, almost 94 percent of China’s counties had implemented nine years of compulsory education in areas inhabited by 91% of the national population.
    UNDP national China Development Report 2005 (p94)
  2. In China, rural Areas with 60 percent of the population receive just 23 per cent of all funds for education. The rest goes to cities.
    Education void expands wealth gap - China Daily (2005)
  3. Throughout the Middle Kingdom, 116 million adults (15 +) cannot read or write, an increase of 30 million since 2000 and 11.3 percent of the world's total.
    Education void expands wealth gap - China Daily (2005)
  4. The completion rate for nine years education in China, presently sits at 75 percent.
    UNDP national China Development Report (p94)
  5. In 2004, tuition fees from local families made up one fifth of all local spending on schools, thus laying quality at the feet of the poor. (Table 27-34)
  6. The gap between rich and poor continues to expand despite Government efforts to stem it. In 2004 urban dwellers earned 3.23 times more than rural residents.
    UNDP national China Development Report 2005 (p9)
  7. The Asian Development Bank recently re-estimated that China may have as many as 300 million people living in abject poverty.
    The limits of a smaller, poorer China - FT (2007)
  8. It is estimated that there are as many as 10 million school-age children work in Chinese factories, homes and local businesses. Around 70 percent are girls.
    China's Use of Child Labor Emerges From the Shadows - LA Times (2005)
  9. Over 20 million children in China are on the move or living parentless. Education is a naysay for millions of children in cities far away from ‘home.’
    Govt Calls on Protecting Migrant Children - (2005)
  10. High school fees, irrelevant curriculums, super-sized classes and boy preference, mean 1.1 million children drop-out from primary school each year in rural China.
    Education void expands wealth gap - China Daily (2005)
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