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Equipment Details

R4E is proud to be trialing or using the following equipment to keep the horses and myself safe through some of the harshest conditions on Earth. The equine equipment was also recommended through the Long Riders Guild.

Vettec LogoVettec's Superfast/Equipack products for the purpose of this ride are to provide emergency shoes when there is no other alternative available. Superfast is a thirty second hoof adhesive that will allow me to construct a custom shoe given the unavailability of a farrier in remote locations or in the case of hoof troubles. The 'shoe' can last for several weeks but this ride is going to be the ultimate test of it's endurance. I am trialing this product for Vettec to put it (and myself) through the ultimate test of mountain, desert and remote open road. Read more »

Read Long Riders Guild review: HERE

For further information:

Frank Dugan
Sales Manage
Mob: +1-816-322-1077
Tel/Fax: +1-800-483-8832

First trial report!

1. Superfast: Conquering the Himalayas!

Ranvet logoRanvet (Australia) has kindly supplied the ride with a new antisceptic cream called White Healer. The cream can be used on both camels and horses and prevents festering skin wounds from sores to irritations. R4E will be using and reviewing White Healer across the deserts of Northern China for Ranvet. Watch this space. Read more »

For further information:

Francesca Coluzzi
Manager, Export Sales
Ranvet Pty Ltd
10-12 Green Street
East Botany NSW 2019
Dir Ph: +61 2 9549 6008
Off Ph: 61 2 9666 1744
Fax: +61 2 9666 1755

Nurtural Horse logo Do you know a horse who likes his bit? I certainly don't and in the cast of available alternatives the leading candidate has to be Nurtural Horse. Nurtural Horse's bitless bridle offers a chance to communicate with your horse in an entirely new way. Using their patented Circle-X technology, the bridle conveys a rider's commands to both sides of the head underneath the chin where the circle-X sits. The bridle has been successfully field tested in the both the ring and in the chase, and now R4E is proud to test it across China. See reviews for the latest. Read more »

For further information:

Zoe Brooks
Bridle Designer
Nurtural Horse
Toll-Free: +1 877-877-5845 (Toll-Free USA/CAN)

Custom Pack Rigging logoThere are not many packsaddles as recommended on the market as Custom Pack Rigging's adjustable Pack Saddle. One of my biggest worries was how I would transport all of my equipment on the pack horse. It still is. Yet their pack saddle is adjustable and was made to easily fit Kabul (my pack mare in Pakistan). It's also made from Aluminium to be lightweight. Two green moulded plastic boxes rope onto the sides and with the extra addition of mountain rope the system has traveled 1300kms with no ill effects! Read more »

Galaxy Exports logoThis small family business from Kanpur, India provided the Western Saddle that carried me from Delhi to Islamabad in Pakistan. Admired by Horse Enthusiasts everywhere. The area is famous for its saddlery and Galaxy still make saddles by hand. The saddle has been immensely comfortable and lasted over 18 months and a 1000kms before the interior fibre-glass tree shattered! My mare had gone rolling with it! I have never had to even think about chaps or jodhpurs with this saddle. The tree was eventually repaired by Mogul Saddlers in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Famous for saddling the previous Mogul rulers of India and have an international reputation for quality! Read more »

Equipment PhotographTransworld Trading
- Again a small company based in Delhi but Transworld Trading provided the expedition with saddle bags free of cost and deserve a big mention. After 1700 kms these same bags are still going strong and have been extremely useful for keeping all the daily essentials just in reach. They were custom-made from a waterproof material and Transworld added long straps on the back that were used to strap a video camera onto in India and my sleeping bag across North Pakistan. Read More »

Masta (UK) The British High Commission in Islamabad sponsored two horse blankets for the ride over the Karakorum. Made by Masta, these were the only two blankets small enough (11.2 hh) to fit my two ponies. Both covers are made from 600 denier polyester fibres making them waterproof and above all warm. They were in fact essential whilst riding over Pakistan's Karakorum and will no doubt doubly prove their worth across North China. Their design also features a rather posh sounding 'Tri-vent 3 piece gusset system' which basically allows the horse greater movement and improves breathability. Read More »