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What is Riding for Education?

Who hasn't dreamt of riding a horse across the mythical expanses of the silk routes? Who hasn't thought that "one day I'll do it?"

One day long ago, I decided I would. I'd seize the bull by the horns and ride 10,000 kms on horseback across Asia; from India, through Pakistan and along the ancient silk routes to Beijing in China. According to the Long Riders Guild, the ride was an official world first to traverse from New Delhi in India to Lahore in today's Pakistan and after a rather daunting Himalayan crossing, the challenge of the Gobi desert now awaits!

Riding for education is about more than just a dream, it's about a chance to make a difference to the lives of others today. Since I was an English teacher in remote Northern Nepal, I've been determined to do so. In China, India and Pakistan over 600 million people cannot read or write. Two out of every three illiterate people in the world live in South Asia. Children grow up to lead a life determined for them instead of by them. This isn't good enough and ActionAid International is one organisation making a huge difference in each country. So how can we help?

My goal is to raise £100,000 for the International NGO ActionAid International to educate children in deprived communities across India, Pakistan and China. Yet the most important goal lies in visiting the very schools themselves and raising awareness about the real problems of education and why donations are so vital to their future. ActionAid works in each country to develop the poorest communities in the remotest locations. They support hundreds of schools across each country and with your donation they can support hundreds more. Nothing is more important to a child's future than an Education. It is a passport to a future life. An education not only changes the life of a child but also that of the child's community. The effect is amazing.

Life offers us many opportunities; it's up to the individual to make the most of them. Enjoy this website, dig deep and please help by donating to a child's future.

Thanks and enjoy the ride,

Steve McCutcheon