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Silk Road Wiki

What was it once like to plod down the lonely trail of a foreign land? Learn about the Silk Road, its history, accomplishments and the empires, explorers and travellers who made its story one of the greatest ever told.

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Ask a Question

Fire a question to Stephen out in the saddle in China now to find out more about life in China, the way of life there and the ins and outs of travelling with a camel caravan across Asia.

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The Caravan

Whilst this journey relied on horse-power across India and Pakistan, camels are the name of the game in China and are proving quite a handful. Learn more about these peculiar animals, their habits and the myths that surround them.

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Route Map

The R4E ride map is updated every week and shows a direct picture of the journey so far across India, Pakistan and China. Each point links directly to an article at that location.

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Google Earth

Explore the full-scale of the ride along 10,000kms of Asia's ancient trade routes on Google Earth in 3D on a live feed direct from the Chinese Silk road throughout 2008.

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R4E Diary

Share in the adventure every week with new journal entries, photos and sound bytes. All entries are archived and date back to the ride’s earlier adventures across both India and Pakistan.

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School Encounters

If life is an open book, the people we meet are the stories that fill it. Real life stories from the road, prove the unending effort of those who care in the battle to educate the poor and their eternal need for support from us.

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Share R4E

Share the latest R4E news on your Myspace, Facebook or class blog with the new R4E News Widget, banners and links.

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