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The whole idea of Riding for Education was to raise funds for a great cause and have a heap of fun doing it. You can help out the ride in any of the following ways:

  • Print off the all new R4E leaflets (English) or (Chinese) and display them at work or on your local community notice board. It's bound to get noticed, it will definitely help raise awareness about the ride and will certainly help increase donations to ActionAid education projects in remote regions of India, Pakistan and China.
  • Download any of these great fundraising ideas from ActionAid and forward them to family and friends. This is your contribution being done in a completely unique way.
  • Request the sponsorship form from the donation section of this website and take it to work. Bang in on the notice board. This gets others involved and a non-intrusive way of asking for sponsorship.
  • Download any of the promotional material available here and place it on notice boards, public placements. Your help counts.
  • Contact your local media about this ride. Everybody loves a great story and journalists often love a great lead. All publicity counts on this campaign. It isn't every day that some lunatic Brit decides to saddle up for education. It really helps since a phone call is all it takes to increase awareness.
  • Link this website to your own and friends. Please also tell us about you and your site.

All your help is really appreciated. There are so many ways to Join the Ride and day by day awareness is growing about this campaign and the real need for education. For any further information please contact me.


Stephen McCutcheon