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  » Route to China

Route to China

Across India

Map of R4E ride through India

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Preparations - Learning to ride for the first time, figuring out how to obtain a passport for a horse and pulling the strings together to finally meet the open road.

Day (1) - Leaving Delhi – The first moments of any big journey make the most poignant memories.

Day (2) - Off you go – First week roughing it in India, meeting all manners of people from fierce nomads to savage monkey villages. And all ending with Rosie being stolen.

Day (8) - An undiscovered treasure - Stopping at the spiritual centre of Kurukshetra with a lame horse and no time for waiting. Learnt about the reality of an Indian education.

Day (16) - Uproar at the border
After having Rosie’s shoes changed and experiencing the worst fright of his life, Steve finally reaches the border only face on last major hurdle –

Day (24) - Arrival in Pakistan – “Mosques dominate the landscape and people are perhaps a little more genuine. The sun gradually set next to the hazy spire of a lonely mosque as we pulled in for tea and biscuits at the road-side."

In April 2005, Rosie gave birth to a surprise infant foal, meaning she'd been pregnant throughout the Indian journey. The proud mother is now happily settled in Fatehabad, Haryana, several hours north of New Delhi.