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  » Silk Road

Silk Road

Empires of Antiquity »

Alexander the Great's Empire

Asia is home to the world’s first civilizations whose heritage I have the awesome good fortune to be riding through. India, the Indus region (modern Pakistan) and China all have histories extending 3-4000 years. The first European travelers to Asia were not exploring a lesser culture it was rather the other way around. Many empires have risen and fallen here. Many conquerors have left their mark. Many religions have come and gone. This region set the foundation for the world today

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The Mongols »

Mongol Empire Photo

"My greatest good fortune was to pursue and defeat my enemies, to conquer their lands and their people, and to divide the plunder of their riches."

Whilst Ghengis Khan may have an evil reputation in the West, he's revered as a national hero in Mongolia. The life and times of a young boy of ten, abandoned on the freezing Mongolian Steppes in Winter, may just change your mind.

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Great Explorers »

Photo of Sven Hedin

The ancient mysteries of the depths of Asia have inspired explorers for thousands of years. In the 7th century a famous Chinese scholar called Hsuan Tang travelled extensively around the Chinese empire. Alexander the Great penetrated deep into Asia, but it was Marco Polo who was the first westerner to first popularize ‘exploration’ of the region. Yet it still wasn’t until the late 19th Century that exploration really gained pace, especially with the ‘forbidden reputation’ of Lhasa.

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World Religions (Brief Overview)

Mosque in Afghanistan

One could lose themselves in the religions of the world. They are a complicated and fascinating subject that give meaning and identity to the lives every man woman and child. Religion has inspired war and peace, love and hate and there are perhaps few regions as divided or complicated as South Asia. Both Buddhism and Hindusim began in India. Pakistan is a country purely based on Islam and China's religions are also diverse.

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The Silk Road

Welcome to a journey. A journey along one of the most famous, difficult and memorable roads the world has ever seen. Are you ready? This is a journey that will take you over soaring mountain passes and the harshest deserts. The Silk Road is not a journey for the faint hearted. Many noble men have died along its length and many a good friend never lived to see another sunrise.

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Hsuan Tsang

Traveller Monk Hsuan Tsang

Hsuan Tsang was 27 when he began his epic journey from the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an across the dreaded Lop and Taklamakan deserts towards India. His ensuing journey, determination, self-belief and abilities earned him the respect of emperors and a journey whose tale has survived almost 1500 years. Hsuan returned to China 15 years after first leaving and the knowledge is brought back helped change the face of Bhuddism in China forever.

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